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Tragedies following Victories

Just a few days after the Ohio State Football team took home a victory a few days after  Thanksgiving day , the campus of Ohio state was ripped from their victory haze after a fellow student crashed through the campus stabbing 11 students before ultimately being shot and killed by an officer on the campus.

The police are investigating whether or not this was a terrorist attack at the time , the attacker student being an Somalian Refugee , however, the police have stated that it will take time to obtain a particular motive. The attackers Facebook page previous posts were urging America to “to stop interfering with other countries, especially the Muslim Ummah,” a term for Muslim people at large.

It was said that eleven people were hospitalized when Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s exited his vehicle charging at them with a knife.An Ohio state police officer shot and killed Artan after refusing to obey orders.

The conference on Monday urged the public to not to jump to conclusions about he case until all evidence was obtained due to the overwhelming Somali community that reside in Ohio , the second largest in the country.

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If you’re a resident of Pleasantville then when you’re driving down the street things may begin to look slightly different. why you ask ? well pleasantville is due for its decade makeover which is considered long over due.

The changes that are coming to Pleasantville are considerable in regards to how small the community is. The changes are bringing in several forms of entertainment for the ever growing community. According to the Pattie Dwyer, the village “Construction is going to begin within the coming new year of 2017”.  New housing options, Other food options to explore, potential shopping area, and the ever needed space of parking. The reason it has taken years for the plans to finally to come into fruition are that when dealing with such small community a lot of change is not reciprocated as well as in other larger cities such as White Plains, as well as the legality of making all these literal ground breaking changes requires heaving planning in cooperation with the architectural & zoning committee, however the time for Pleasantville to actually see the progress is upon us. The reasoning behind the master plan and the answer to why change is to properly benefit the demographic of the community every 10 years or so.

A large focus is the downtown area because of the common complaint that most of the younger generations have expressed such as “there is nothing really to do in Pleasantville, so you have no choice but to go somewhere else” exclaims Grace a high school senior who was excited to hear of the improvements to her hometown.

The plan details out what the goals are in store for the residents of Pleasantville. Such goals are to first and foremost preserve the family welcoming atmosphere, being able to continue to support a thriving business community, cultivate the arts and culture, Improve the areas surrounding the business to make them approachable and maneuverable while maintaining the environment and natural resources in the community.

To look further into the plans that could affect your potential area head over to (www.pleasantville-ny.gov) and stay on the lookout for further updates in the community of Pleasantville.

Pleasantville Gets a Makeover

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Spooktacular Swap

The Annual Halloween Costume Swap in Pleasantville New York is approaching quicker than ever. An event put on in the mists of the weekly farmer’s market in Pleasantville, everyone is invited to come swap out a costume for a costume or simply donate a costume for the children in Blythdale Children hospital. The event has become a staple around the small village of Pleasantville. The costume is completely free of charge and again open to everyone. They are asking that you only take one costume per child. The message the swap brings to the community of Pleasantville is that recycling and reusing is a good quality to have in life as you grow up and its fun according to PleasantvilleRecycles.com, the organization that puts on the event.If you’re interested in providing for a good cause or even looking for a new outfit then feel free to stop buy on October 22, 2016 from 8am – 2pm. Even partake in the farmers market fun that will be going on as well.

” I love this event because sometimes it gets expensive buying full out costumes for all 4 of my kids… With this event I can easily swap out and find some cool costumes that my kids will enjoy” claims a Mother of 4 children in the local Pleasantville community.

PleasantvilleRecycles is a Village committee helping residents reuse and recycle more. The group also runs a very popular sports equipment swap every spring, the zero-waste effort at the Pleasantville Music Festival, and more. Visit PleasantvilleRecycles.org and like them on Facebook to learn more.

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Fired for Freedom of speech ? OR just plain ignorance.

“It will be so refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady back in the White House,” wrote Pamela Ramsey Taylor, the now axed director of the government-funded Clay Development Corporation. The post had stirred the nation in a un welcoming way at the bold and blatant disregard that was shown by the former director.

This comes at a very divided time in the country with the recent result of the presidential election last November 7th. The country has been shocked into accepting the president elect , Mr.Donald Trump, and even more so into accepting his former model wife , Melania Trump.

The post gained even more attention when a friend of Mrs.Taylor ,The mayor of clay, West Virginia agreed with the the Facebook post by posting a comment underneath stating ” just made my day pam” and has received tremendous amounts of criticism for the racially charged slur to the still current First Lady.

The post has since been deleted however the screenshot of the post has been shared thousands of times on social media enraging the masses. The post has caused thousands to cry out that this out right bold racist comment comes due trump taking office soon. A petition has been posted amassing 24,00 signatures already for both women to lose their jobs. It has already been confirmed that Taylor had been removed from her position.

Whomever the presidential elect is does not allow for comments such as those to be made , especially in this day and age.


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So long to the Cunningham Way

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View story at Medium.com

This past summer we lost a respected and overall great in the journalist/ photography world. We lost the talented Bill Cunningham. His work inspired not only photographers across the world but also the fashion journalism overall. A Washington Post article posted around the time of his demise gave some insight to the general public how he affected journalism in his own creative way.

“At a time when fashion influencers regularly receive free airfare, free clothes, free hotels, Cunningham was a journalistic ascetic. He valued his freedom more than anything else.”

In an industry where two faces are the norm and “friend” is a term loosely thrown about Bill Cunningham was one to stay true to the journalistic art. He was noticeable to the naked eye for his bright blue coat and tan trousers and could always be spotted on a bike rain or shine. It is not a hidden fact that journalism has veered away from the fact and hard hitting writing to the everyone can do it blogging world. everyone wants to be seen in the selfie with the who’s who at the moment and journalist are taking on celebrity mindsets when it comes to their work themselves.

Mr.Cunningham was the complete opposite of always wanting to be in the background and believed it was the only way a true journalist could work.

The fashion world will forever herald the legend and all his astute attention to getting the right shot. His work will be the legacy to millions of up and coming journalists such as myself for his quest to document the diversity that came with style.

RIP Bill Cunningham.

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I’ll take my fever dream again please.

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The litany of articles discussing the election were oppressive and yet many blame the media. This election was the most media hyped  presidential election since the first televised debate between Nixon and Kennedy.

Looking back now after the entire media circus is almost over the Washington post released and article blatantly blaming social media, and the media in general for the way the election turned out.Now of course that is not 100% true however in retrospect the media played such a huge part in the election that we now have trump as president and the streets are rioting because of it, when the media told the public that trump was a popular vote.

” Trump — who called journalists scum and corrupt — alienated us so much that we couldn’t see what was before our eyes. We just kept checking our favorite prognosticating sites and feeling reassured, even though everyone knows that poll results are not votes.”

We as consumers of the media were inundated with the propaganda that Hillary was some horrible liar who couldn’t be trusted along with her scandals with the email , as well as Donald trump’s  constant rash and just crazy comments that enraged the public that Trump actually being president seemed unrealistic.

We would have kindly accepted the flawed yet obvious better choice that was Hillary Clinton and all of the Trump shenanigans would be another stamp in America’s history that was a close call but never actually happened.

The strange thing is though that the media gave trump his rise to presidency and now has to live with it till January 2021. Long story short , ill take my flu induced fever dream then the joke that has become the Election of 2016.